Monday, 10 July 2017

My friend, Martin...

Martin is a good friend of mine, he lives in Bangkok with his partner, Naty. This is an appeal from his daughter Laura who is trying to raise funds to have Martin returned to England...

Dear all,

It's not good news! Martin's doctor now views him as 'long term' in intensive care with an uncertain future outcome. His daughter Laura is trying to get him back to the UK where he can be better assessed, be in a place where he understands the doctors and nurses, and close to his immediate family. Back in the UK all his hospitalisation and treatment will be free, but currently costing 30,000 Baht a day! The family has coped up to now but can see the financial cataclysm opening just ahead of them.

You can help in several ways:

1. Giving help and advice (you may have or know someone who has an expertise)

2. Visiting Martin (very important to keep him mentally afloat)

3. Donating to Laura's appeal here...­

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